Company Milestone - Bali Destiny Travel


Bali Destiny Travel was founded in 1 July 2016 by young entrepreneur I Made Dwijananda. The high demand for traveling to Bali, made himself saw an opportunity to be able to provide One Stop Services for Travel Needs in Bali such as : Car Rental, Tour Package, Book Activities, Hotel&Flight Ticket. Initially, we had approximately 38 vendors

Since the beginning, we have been developing the concept “Book, Pay and Fun”. Following this concept, our goal is to offer our clients’ easy booking, easy payment and fun experience… no less.

Entire cars rental provide by Bali Destiny are fully Air-conditioned, power steering wheel, all risk insured for the rented cars and also has periodic maintenance to get a prime condition engine and driven safely. To adapt on your transportation needs, Bali Destiny offering the selection rental car either self drive or with English speaking driver to get more relax to enjoy the trip and advised some brief info from our Balinese driver on tourist attraction.

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