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PRIVACY POLICY Thank you for visiting This website is operated and owned by Bali Destiny Travel (“We”, “Site”, or “”). We provide rental car booking service at the airport, for big cities in Indonesia online, through: our website ie

As a company, we take the privacy of our customers seriously and will only record, store, use user information as described in this privacy policy page. We uphold your security and privacy as our site users, to keep your trust in our services.

Protection of your data is a business aspect we take seriously. We will only request the data we need in connection with our services, car rental off-lock or with special drivers at the airport. You may visit and use our site without having to personal information. As long as you use our site, your personal data will not be our record and save. Our site will not be able to identify who you are while visiting our site. Information gathering relates to a key rental rental system. To enhance your experience when booking and using a rental car in Bali Destiny, as well as to keep our partner’s rental car, Bali Destiny will request some data required for off-the-shelf rental, such as: Name according to ID Renters HP Number Renters Email Related data Use and Disclosure of Personal Information For unlocking purposes, we may collect your personal data.

However, your personal data will not be used and shared with any third party (including third party providers, advertising companies and third party suppliers). Influencing Personal Information You can update all your information, anytime. There are no restrictions on where you can change your personal information. If there is any difficulties in making any change of information, you can contact us through our Customer Service number. © Bali Destiny 2017