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DMZ Museum Bali

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Bali has a lot of natural charm, however, it doesn’t mean that something man-made can’t be just as interesting! Come on down to DMZ Trick Art Museum, where you’ll not only be viewing magnificient pieces of artwork, you also get tobe in them! DMZ has around 120 unique art pieces that are designed specifically to make you look like you’re part of the picture, whether it’s underwater-themed, a romantic canal, or stepping over hot lava! Don’t forget to take lots of photos!

  • Visit an established 3D Trick Eye museum from Korea
  • Take great and unique photos with beautiful sceneries backgrounds of Indonesia to the labyrinth of Egyptian pyramid
  • Reach the museum easily with its strategic location, only 1.6 km away from Kuta Beach
  • See around 120 unique 3D art pieces