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Motocross Adventure

Posted by imadedwijananda

From: Rp 1,200,000



Bali jungle Dirt Bike adventure is an activity that will give you different choice of tour from other activity in Bali. In this activity you will travel on a dirbike passing through countryside, rice field, forest, river and also will Meet the friendly villagers and beautiful scenery along your journey. Bali jungle Dirt Bike is an activity that rent a dirt bike with a choice of tour packages such as halfday tour (4 hour tour) and fullday tour (8 hour tour). Provides a choice of paths according to your ability to ride a Dirtbike, among others, beginner level, medium level, pro level of each level has a choice of paths with different conditions. In the journey of your adventure we also provide gaid and sweeper propesional and experienced in Dirtbike adventure that will Make your trip enjoyable. Enjoy your tour with BALI JUNGLE DIRT BIKE and get the sensation and adventure experience is different from the others.


KAWASAKI KLX 150cc : IDR 1.200.000

KAWASAKI KLX 250cc : IDR 1.500.000

KTM 350                          : IDR 2.700.000

Scooter                             : IDR 1.200.000